Coronavirus was already in Europe in December 2019

A French doctor has claimed coronavirus was in Europe as far back as December.

New tests 'prove' coronavirus 'was present in Europe in December,' claims
Dr Yves Cohen said 24 patients were admitted to a French hospital in December with pneumonia, with one testing positive for Covid-19 after tests were revisited. 

Dr Yves Cohen believes new tests on patient samples confirmed Covid-19 was present in France weeks before the country reported an outbreak.

France news: Coronavirus in Europe from DECEMBER: Dr hails 'Virus ...

He told broadcaster BFMTV that 24 patients were admitted to hospital with pneumonia in December and January after his team revisited negative tests for flu and other coronaviruses.

He said: "Of the 24 patients, we had one positive result for Covid-19 on December 27 when he was in hospital with us."

This was around the same time China reported the first cases of the virus.
Mr Cohen added the patient who tested positive may have been France's 'patient zero' and has urged all other doctors to retest patient samples that had been negative for pneumonia.


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